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2019 Winter Carnival Sculpture Highlights

Beautiful, quirky, and fun sculptures embody this year's theme, "Legends, Myths and Superheroes." Here is how the Spiderman sculpture turned out:

He's actually jumping out of the comic book!

This impressive sculpture is puzzling, so I'm including a photo of a card posted there with an explanation:

This is how Batman turned out:

But Batman's MASK is especially popular with kids.

They could get inside it to peek out of the eye holes, or climb the stairs to get to the slide behind the mask.

Some sculptures are so complicated they need more than one photo, like the "Under the Sea" display at Ruby's Kitchen:

My favorites feature local legends like the Jackalope and Sharlie, McCall's lake monster playing cards:

Or Sharlie and the Abominable Snowman sharing a cinnamon roll at Pancake House:

This one is so big it requires another photo.

AND a close-up. Look at the detail!

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