• Jeanene

A Small Adventure in a Small Town

A small in-town adventure in McCall is going to the local's beach known as Davis Beach. It's located about a block away from the corner where Davis Avenue meets Lick Creek Road.

Here is a public parking area on the east side of Davis Avenue.

I think the best way to reach the beach is to walk down the little street where this sign post tree (and a handy new Davis Beach directional sign) marks the corner.

This charming part of Lick Creek Road contains adorable cabins including this one...made from a railroad car!

You may feel like you are on the wrong track, but just keep going...there really is public access to the beach when you reach the walkway between the two fences.

When you see this sign, you'll know you found the right place.

And here we are, at a sweet little beach that tends to be uncrowded even at the height of summer!

This beach can also be reached from Diamond Street, but if you go that way you will miss the railroad car, and we wouldn't want to do that.

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