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Winter Carnival 2018

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

McCall Winter Carnival begins today and runs through February 4, 2018. I took a run through town and snapped a few photos of some of this year's snow and ice sculptures. I enjoy the artistry and beauty of many of the sculptures every year, like this moose in the photo above (who received Fifth Place) or the sled dogs and musher in the photo below.

I also have a soft spot for some of the quirkier entries. This year's theme is There's Snow Place Like Home so we are seeing many Wizard of Oz or storybook characters. I can't explain this sculpture at Lardo's, named "Sharlie at the Races."

It has the Wicked Witch of the West on a snowmobile with a flying monkey nearby and Sharlie, the local lake monster, evidently declaring her the winner. We must use our imaginations to see any other race contestants.

Perhaps you can help me interpret the sculpture in the photo below. It's at the hospital and seems to be a group of Calvin and Hobbes style snowmen. I think the horizontal one is supposed to be swimming. The blue things are either waves or shark fins. Getting closer to it doesn't help. Neither does the title of this one, "Glacial Glow." If you have any ideas, please post them

in the comments.

Starting on Tuesday, teams from around the state will be competing in the Idaho State Snow Sculpture contest. They construct a sculpture garden near the lake and Hotel McCall. It's fun to watch the construction as the teams work all day and through the night to carve the sculptures from blocks of snow.

Many other events happen during Winter Carnival including parades, fireworks, snowshoe golf, and actual races for dogs and humans.

A full list of events for this year can be found at https://mccallchamber.org/winter-carnival/event-schedule/.

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