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Winter Carnival--Weekend 2

Is it worth it to visit McCall for the second weekend of Winter Carnival? If you like snow sculptures and fun, then YES!

Many of the sculptures from last weekend are still in good shape, like these at Stacy Cakes and at Lardo's.

The Looney Tunes sculpture at Lardo's won seventh place. New sculptures have appeared in the courtyard near Hotel McCall.

There you can see Sasquatch, a bear, and a woodpecker.

Cal and I enjoyed the play at Alpine Playhouse, "The Bold, the Young and the Murdered."

This murder mystery/comedy was quirky, ridiculous nearly non-stop mayhem that kept the audience laughing. Tonight is the last performance for the Bold, etc.

If you missed it, make plans for next year. Winter Carnival is always held the last full weekend of January through the next weekend. The Community Theatre production starts on Thursday before Carnival starts and continues through the final Saturday (skipping Monday and Tuesday nights).

Cal with Sharlie in weather-appropriate gear!

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